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Greetings, my name is Sean Gugerty, AKA The White Trash Web developer, thanks for stopping by! Those looking for a website that’s built solid, and affordably, look no further, because you’re in the right place! I’ve developed hundreds of websites so whether your project is simple or complex, I can design it for you!  Because every developer has a specialty, my passion is within the adult industry! I’ve developed websites for years to help local escorts and private show exotic dancers!  My clients have  ALWAYS  received the best customer experience because I treat all my clients like royalty!

Sites Amongst My Portfolio

I have included 4 examples so you know I can make a variety of designs and tailor my designs to my client. I don’t only make adult domains exclusively, so rest assured I will make any web site required by a client. What frequents me the most, and the beautiful women that I enjoy desiging content for is definitely adult entertainers!💕  Because if you are a Model or adult actress, it certainly is important to have a quality website!


Furthermore, unlike most web designers, I provide services for more than just making websites. Because even the best built website is useless to you ladies, if never seen! So providing the exposure you’re hoping to obtain from your purchase of a domain quite naturally is one of my skillsets!

This skillset is known as search engine optimization, and it is one of the most crucial aspects of any wepage’s success!

Because I take great pride in my work, and want anything I create for someone to succeed, I provide my services for SEO at great rates!  So your domain ranks higher in search results, efforts must be made on and off a website.

On Site SEO

The three crucial search engines for websites to be indexed in for maximum exposure are Google, Bing & Yandex. Nobody truly knows every single factor used by these website’s algorithms for ranking and placement. However, when it comes to the biggest search engin Google, it is approximated at around 200. 

Because I’ve been a Tucson Web Developer a few years, I am quite familiar with documented ranking factors. This essentially means the and layout of your domain meets Google’s guidelines. If a site is built properly from the beginning, maintaining on site SEO can be made very simple. So quite naturally, building it wrong, potentially ends up taking you much longer to fix later on!

This is only the first step for ranking a domain for competitive keywords! Even my Domain’s target keyword, “Sean Gugerty” has had quite the experience ranking in Google because of  cyber criminals.

Off Site SEO

So after many hours of making your whole website optimized, now the real SEO journey begins! In order for your page to rank you need those precious Backlinks! All a backlink is is simply another website linking back to yours. Because of obvious reasons, almost all of the social media platforms wont count as a backlink. So you’re essentially up the river until you get those backlinks if you want any domain authority!

Like many things back links can be purchased for a fee, however this is considered “Black Hat SEO” in the eyes of Google. So If you buy links, Google might penalize your domain! Once that occurs, your website and potentially years of hard work could be lost as a result! So that’s obviously out of the question, so how exactly do you get backlinks quickly? Most experts will say that providing your visitors with great content will be the key factor in this. However , I tend to disagree, because sometimes even the best content, is never seen!

Tucson Web Developer Sean Gugerty Must have a solution!

You would be most correct in your assessment because Sean Gugerty the Tucson Web Developer does have a solution! Many experts speculate that it is considered a gray hat (in between black and white) tactic. Supposedly Google penalizes for it, however I have yet to meet someone penalized. I’ve even handed Google proof of the worst made PBN for a criminal extortion rack and they didn’t nothing!

In all honesty, to say a private blog network is a black hat strategy is just simply not true. Google wants the most relevant content to populate at the front of queries.What deturmines something to be relevant majorly is that it be desired the most by people. Sure, if you make 30 websites that are identical offering visitors no content whatsoever, you should be penalized! Real crappy analogy here but say you owned a Peanut butter factory and a jelly factory.

Obviously Peanut Butter and jelly sandwhiches are delicious and people want both products together. So if you link both sites together
you’ll be penalized for linking relevant websites together?? Absolutely NOT! Google may be corrupt and turn a blind eye intentionally on many occasions, they aren’t stupid however. So all these idiots saying that ranking a domain with Private Blog Networks wont fool Tucson Web Developer Sean Gugerty and his rea

So what Exactly is a Private Blog Network

As stated previously backlinks are what Google deems to be the most important ranking factor. They are right in doing this, because when you’re aim is to provide service to people, you LISTEN TO THEM! So if eligible and relevant high authority Sites point links at you, you get a SEO boost!

It sounds incredibly simple , but it actually isn’t AT ALL! As a result of having to rely on someone at some point in your life,
they most likely failed you. When you rely on individuals to backlink to your page naturally, you’ll be waiting awhile. A Private Blog Network means taking multiple websites with domain authority and linking them to your main website.

One trick individuals will do is find a site that is discontinued  but still has links pointing to it. This link building strategy is known as “Broken Links.” They amass a collection of these for their private blog network.. I personal build the network myself, while this does take longer I have multitudes of different automation tools. None the less, just because your outputting an abundence of  content, it needs to be  high quality. This strategy took a bit of time to pioneer, and what works for me, but may differ slightly for you. 

Compared to a modern day website where a database is not just common, but a prerequisite, it was truly a golden age. It was the wild west, because you find anything digital in existence without a deep web to speak of. I find the times we are in now rediciously troubling because censorship is at a rediculous scale. This is one of the reasons I created this blog, in an effort to save humanity from the corporate congolomorate takeover! I remember when a brilliant 2 week fling (She was gorgeous, don’t remember her name haha!) dropped the suggestion I watch this movie called Zeitgeist.

It was after watching this eye opening and shocking film it was divulged to me our world is run by a Corporatocracy. Because our financial system is dominated by big corporations the corporatocracy is essentially running the world. (Had you looked for the lawyer Sean Gugerty, you wouldn’t be hearing conspiracy theory nutjob Sean Gugerty‘s philosophies lol!)

Controlled By Rhe Corporatocracy.

So essentially, we’re governed by corporations. These elites have politicians in their pockets, and have taken our freedom from us! I say this because like most I was once employed full time working countless hours. As a result of spending the day performing mundane tasks you could care less about, your enslaved. You show up on time every to work, are one of their star players, and at the end of the year

Understandably, many people are on a limited budget, so my aim is to help you get up and running for free! When it comes to creating your own webpage, there are a million different reasons to do it. Whatever your passion lin life may be, because you have your own website, will be better! Even if you absolutely hate technology (Which is just stupid lol) it can enhance your life by automation so you can use it less!

Another crucial reason everyone needs a website is because of the conglomorate censorship of communication. So what exactly do I mean by censorship on communication?  I mean to actually have your messages viewed by there intended recipients.

The limitations of your reach on any platform is controlled and constricted for the soul purpose of control.If it was just to charge you money for advertising, then why wouldn’t they be more liberal with the paid traffic you purchase? Additionally, the quantity of people you are allowed to collaborate with is controlled greatly as well!

For ExampleThe most common occurring maximum friends/followers across many is 5000. So why’s Sean Gugerty tripping, that is a big number right? 

Tucson Web Developer Sean Gugerty

sean gugerty
sean gugerty

No actually it isn’t! Because your content isn’t even reaching 10 percent of your audience! That’s right, you didn’t mishear me your content only hits a small percentage of your target audience. Good old fashion greed is to blame for this end result, so what is someone to do? I suppose you could take a step back technologically, and be limited to at most mass texting 25 people at a time.

My thoughts On This limited reach and Engagement?

I find it absolutely terrifying! Because some things that people need to hear aren’t cute puppies or sexy blondes! Serious issues, that god forbid you convince people to logoff Facebook to deal handle problems, makes Zuckerberg sad! So when attempting to warn friends of something bad,  and no social signals are generated there goes your lifeline!

We cannot continue to allow any organization to control our communications PERIOD! It’s time to take back our freedom of speech and utilize our abilities to make social platforms open source. Because allowing this corporate takeover to continue is not an option, the Sean Gugerty blog is taking action! Because of these reasons, I offer my knowledge to the world in an effort to save it from a 1 world government!

By building a site with your own hands, and gathering your own community/following you set your own limitations! One of the major benefits of creating a Sean Gugerty of your own is because YOU control the reach of your audience! With the tools and tutorials I provide on this site you can get a website up and running for absolutely FREE! However keep in mind that anything that has no cost to it, you have to pay for with your time.  However, just because someone dumps money into a website it will necessarily be a time saver!

One thing’s for certain, when you are first starting out, there are a lot of options and choices, and it can be overwhelming. It is understandable that when starting out you want things to be smooth and simple.

I highly recommend if you’re building your first website to give WordPress a try. I’ll be honest it is definitely not the easiest Content management system to start off using. So If you want one of the absolute most easiest it would probably be Weebly. What you’ll get suffering through learning WordPress is very helpful, because you can run a wordpress for FREE!

WordPress is a very versatile CMS, especially for begining web development. It can be configured to do anything,(It may not be the best in certain circumstances for high production sites)