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About Me

About Sean Gugerty

Because if there is one thing about me, I will never quit! By no means am I perfect, because I sure have made my share of mistakes! I had a rather respectable bank job with Citibank for about 5 years. Because of the repetition, and overall poor moral ethics I was forced to practice, It drove me mad!

I screwed people on the daily and was encouraged to do so by my company with sales incentives. Typically the target victim was elderly people living on social security, it was just sad really. One thing about older generations, their word and their promise means something.

Just because they could never pay back their outstanding balance in their lifetime, they paid monthly regardless. I wanted to tell these people “Fuck paying this bank sir/ma’am! Keep your money, you need it! Your Grandkid’s need it!”

I would stare at the clock as customers would vent on the phone because break time never came quick enough! I lost count of how many 4 Locos I drank on breaks because that job sucked so bad! Your probably thinking because of this substance abuse, that must be why I eventually stopped working at the bank.

Absolutely not! While I may be a drug addict, I always handle my business. Unfortunately I was laid off when the economy crashed, and so I took their severance package and parted ways.


Early retirment in more ways than one!

I could of just sat and played video games for 6 months collecting unemployment, but I was through with soulless jobs! Unfortunately just the right situations transpired all at once and I became a drug dealer. In a years time I was a Merchant level dealer making about $120,000 a year. One of my favorite pastimes was penetration testing. I started hacking wireless networds because my customers needed wifi after spending their money with me lol!

While some would argue the moral compass of selling drugs, so let me put it like this. The Circle K clerk sells you a pack of smokes, that cause lung cancer right? I didn’t serve no kids, and I never served a first timer.

They finally caught me, took them five years lol! I did my time, If I had to do it all over again fuck yeah I would! Do I think you should? absolutely not , most people end up dead and don’t gain long term wisdom from it.

Moving Forward

Now my passion is Computers, I haven’t grossed very much yet, but I’ll die trying! As Steve Jobs quotes:


About Sean Gugerty