Driving Traffic in Your Adult Niche

Because you’re in the adult industry you’ll definitely need some help driving traffic! 13{6b1d5f8bc91cdb8564ec7e8134afd17ab11911f12092a54c92f604d2527b941c} of the worlds internet searches are for adult content and as a result ranking is tougher! How is that you ask? Because despite such a large amount of queries, the bulk of traffic goes to the conglomorate bullies. To make things even worse, as a result of it’s cutthroat dynamic, backlinks are harder to come by!

driving traffic

So how exactly do we succeed in driving Traffic? Naturally because I’m the White Trash Web Developer I’m all about FREE! So here are some of the most ideal spots to obtain traffic for your adult niche website.

  • Reddit.
  • Twitter.
  • Tumblr.
  • Forums related to niche.
  • Image Sites such as Pinterest, Flickr, Sexcom.
  • Watermarked videos uploaded to big conglomerate porn tubes.


Reddit is one of the quickest, and most dramatically noticable delivery of traffic you can find on the web. So that you ensure you’ll never be shut out of your favorite subreddits, be sure and make 2-3 accounts. 

driving traffic

Because it doesn’t take much to get banned from a sub reddit, or banned from Reddit entirely! Because your sub reddit may have prerequisites such as your account being 1 month old, this reserve is vital! Furthermore, you don’t want to appear as though your only there for the purpose of self promotion. Therefore, be sure and comment and engage with other users content periodically!


Twitter is the next place we’ll stop for driving traffic .Twitter not only allows for a seemingly endless reach of an audience, because of it’s automation it’s gamebreaking! Sure, most social media platforms offer some form of API integration. However none compare to Twitter’s App, with it’s endless possibilities and options.

Keep in mind however, that just because we can automate, we still need to personally engage our audience. A good place to start attempting engagement is your target niche leader. To deturmine the niche leader, we’ll use a free analytic tool available on HashTagify.Me

As for the automation side of things, there are plenty of different options for bots but we’re a fan of free. This guide for a Tireless Twitter Bot utilizes Zach Whalens Open source bot. Zach’s bot will cycle through your content indefinitely, serving it every 5 minutes, or 3 days depending on preference!