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Welcome to the official Blog of Sean Gugerty Tucson Web Design and SEO consultant! So if you’re as much of advocate of Web Design and SEO, you’re in the right place!

NoFollow vs Dofollow Backlinks Explained

I'm writing this article so SEO beginners can identify NoFollow vs DoFollow Backlinks and which links to seek out. So chances are that unless you work for Google, you most likely won't know all the factors. The theorized amount of ranking factors ranges from one SEO...

Link Building Newbie Cheat Sheet Infographic

Alexandra Tachalova and Search Engine Journal are free to distribute, share or modify my Link Building Newbie Cheat sheet. Because if it wasn't for them I couldn't have made the infographic! Enjoy and have a great day! 😋 null null I made my infographic  Link Building...

Advanced Image SEO Ranking Factors

Because of inspiration from Rand Fishkin's White Board Friday, I decided to write about Advanced Image SEO Ranking Factors. So the first question naturally, is it  worth ranking for Google images in 2018? The reason some experts are hesitant is because of the changes...

Black Hat SEO 2018 Edition

I'm writing this article Because the content surrounding Black Hat SEO currently available doesn't arm marketers with a defensive plan! One would assume so long as you stay on the White Hat path that everyone preaches about, all is well right? Unfortunately, because...

Get Backlinks Effortlessly 16 Dofollows

So if you read my article on Tucson SEO then you have an understanding how import it is to get backlinks. Because we need all the good quality backlinks we can get, these 16 will be a great start! All of the links in this article I checked and confirmed they passed...

Steal Your Competitors Backlinks

With this strategy you’re certain to win because stealing your competitors backlinks has never been explained with such clarity! You need backlinks? Well you’ve come to the right place so let’s get started!


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