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Welcome to the official Blog of Sean Gugerty Tucson Web Design and SEO consultant! So if you’re as much of advocate of Web Design and SEO, you’re in the right place!

2018 Tucson Search Engine Optimization Guide

Table of Contents I. Indexing your website II. On Site SEO IIa. Quality Points Checklist III. Media Content IIIa. Image Optimization IV. Article/Blog Length V. Site Speed VI. Suggested Browser Extensions VII. Off Site SEO VIII. Guest Blogging IX. Forums/Product...

3 Reasons Font Awesome Rocks

I found it hard to narrow it down, because there's way more than 3 Reasons Font Awesome Rocks! Furthermore, What's really kick ass is that Font Awesome employee Rob Madole just anounced 5.0.10 five days ago and there is so many changes!  nullnull What is Font Awesome?...

Speed Up WordPress PNGs Must Die!

Because over half your site most likely consists of images, to Speed Up Wordpress PNGs Must Die! 😈 I'm so cereal people for real! Because the last thing you want to be is an idiot like me lol! When I first started Dropship Stripper Shoes Epic Fail! After torturing...

How To Protect Internet Privacy 2018

Because simply staying low key isn't enough, knowing How To Protect Internet Privacy is crucial! So like it or not, your private information is floating on the internet. Furthermore, the more unique your name, the more crucial it is to ensure you protect your online...

US Support LLC

US Support LLC AKA Jason Watson Because America wants to know, is US Support LLC CEO The Spam Man? Mr Bluebird Dorsey lacks net neutrality and loves his Twitter empire of spam! you decide! The reason I mention Twitter, is because it is a den of globalized corruption...

Secure WordPress Site

  Because getting hacked can cost a lot of time and money, a Secure Wordpress Site is crucial! Here at The White Trash Web Developer, we believe to many plugins is a bad thing. Because all to often plugins can crash a site due to them malfunctioning. As a result...


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