Embed Videos From Google Drive

Because Youtube isn’t ideal for hosting private videos the solution is to Embed Videos From Google Drive. Google Drive provides significant versatility, for many reasons. The first major benefit, is the versatility that comes from anything in the cloud. Google Drive streams very fast, and as a result of creating multiple accounts

your space is unlimited as well!

Another great feature that is underused, is the option to only allow specific users to download your content. The only problem with using this security for Ecommerce is Because not everyone has a Gmail account. Ok, so we are now empowered with endless storage and the ability to micro manage viewers.

Granted, that’s rather amazing stuff, but because of the era of technology we’re in, similar is out there.

Furthermore the major drawback encountered uploading and downloading is how time consuming that becomes. Only outputting 10 videos at the snail speed of several hours how is one to ever compete with the big boys?

Well, because it actually gets a whole lot better! If you’ve ever heard of a torrent file, you can actually upload gigs at a time to your cloud! I will definitely be putting that tutorial up at a later date ! The first task is to simple upload the media to our drive. Once that’s finished we must give share permissions so we can embed.

A bug hopefully google fixes before you read this.

For some reason, you have to open the video twice.  Double click the first video, then right click it and choose the embed option. Right click the video to populate the embed option.

Perhaps you got lucky and the embed you generated  works flawlessly! However, what I noticed the first time I used the embed, there wasn’t a full screen option! Not to worry, Because I have the solution! As are result of my stupidty I only spent 45 minutes looking for the answer.

Turns our it  I was right in front of me the whole time. As familiar as the Google Drive and Youtube’s video platforms look, , obviously they are the same.

Furthermore, simply mix and matching a youtube videos Embed code with the one Google Drive provides.

I think you guys will really enjoy my recent discovery i’ll provide a tutorial for. Because when one of your affiliate pages relies on videos, my discovery is game breaking!

To go from uploading 1-4 videos an hour to damn near 10 gigs in the same time, AMAZING! Because even if you just download porn with it, it will better your life haha!