So this is a big decision whether we decide TK or COM, a dollar is at stake here people lol! That is literally the most this will end up costing us! Because my system will cover everything else for 100{6b1d5f8bc91cdb8564ec7e8134afd17ab11911f12092a54c92f604d2527b941c} FREE! There is quite a bit of misinformation on the internet about tk domains so we’ll separate fact from fiction.

(I assume everyone knows what a dot COM suffix web domain is lol!)

What is a TK domain?

According to Wikipedia, tk is the Internet country code top-level domain for Tokelau.  New Zealand, located in the South Pacific.

Users have claimed as a result of using a tk domain, Strange occurrences happen.

the reason behind these conspiracies is because of misuse on the users end, not the host. For example in 2006 Mcafee proclaimed the user base was twice as likely to be hosting unwanted content.


In 2011 report by the Anti Phishing Working Group blamed Tokelau’s bad reputation on the registry Dot TK. This yet again, the byproduct of misuse on the users end. As far as proven concept is concerned, I have ranked tk sites in a few keywords over many dot coms. Furthermore, based upon the domains negative hype and the fact it’s a free domain the COM is ahead. So if you plan to rank this site and make some serious money, the 1$ is worth it lol!


The most critical sacrifice made with the TK vs COM site is where you can obtain free hosting. So far, the best free host I’ve found is Byethost


Not to say 000Webhost is no good, however they do have many limitations that can be annoying. Limited tables, cron jobs, even compressing all your files in an ftp session is a pain. I actually had to use a php script to do a manual compress backup at one point lol! ByeThost on the other hand, has one of the best free Cpanel layouts I’ve seen yet!

Where to get your TK domain.

There is more than one place to aquire a TK domain, the place I have obtained them with ease is Freenom. Once you get to the spot where it has free for 3 months as the default, change it to 12.

Go Daddy for 99 cents

If you opt to go with a dot com, simply type “99 cent domains Godaddy” into the Google’s search bar. This will ensure you get the promo they are currently running.

(hopefully still are by the time you read this blog lol)

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