Because I support Pima Counties growth and local businesses, I wrote this 2018 Tucson Search Engine Optimization Guide. While there is already lots of SEO content online, the majority is misleading and inaccurate information.

So my guide will only provide solid information that benefits your rankings! And so without further delay, we shall begin our ascension to the top of search engine results!

Because everyone has to ask this question at least once, we’ll get it out of the way!

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Land defines Search Engine Optimization as structuring and designing your website to rank at the top of search results. The primary search engines that we are optimizing for are:

  • Google
  • Bing/Yahoo
  • Yandex

Google dominates the search engines for it is the search engines!


The biggest search engine amongst the four majors is Google, which holds an average market share of 77.43%! So naturally we are going to ensure that we  properly index our site In Google for certain! In addition to Google, we will want to be in 3 other directories as well!

(by submitting an index to Bing, Yahoo is covered as well, reducing the submission process time!)

Site Index submissions are necessary because search engines wont initially know that our site even exists! Furthermore, waiting to be discovered could take several months, therefore, we will need to inform them.

Indexing Your Website

To begin the process of registering your website with Google, so indexing is expedited, head over to After verifying domain ownership through one of the several methods available, the next step is to submit your sitemap(s).

Because it’s important to accurately track your visitors, you’ll also want to setup Analytics as well. My 2018 Tucson Search Engine Optimization Guide includes a tutorial video for anyone needing assistance! You’ll find the YouTube video in the carousel at the top of this article.

My tutorial is conducted on WordPress, however, using the header in the way shown will work on any platform. I strongly suggest using WordPress because my tutorial also includes onsite real time tracking including IP Geo-Location!

Be sure to also complete the same process with Bing and Yandex. Many businesses neglect to do so. So following my Tucson Search Engine Optimization Guide, means more traffic potential and growth for you!

2018 TucsonSearch Engine Optimization Google Statistics Infographic

Now Properly Indexed We can begin Optimizing!

As shown on Search Engine Land’s Success Factors chart, SEO consists of both onsite and offsite SEO.

I’ll be covering both onsite and offsite  so not to worry! 😀

Naturally because it’s entirely under our control we begin with optimizing our onsite SEO

On Site SEO

On Site SEO quite naturally consists of how we structure and design the layout of our website. So how exactly are we supposed to know the correct guidelines and factors to follow? Because Google determines the ranking positions, we start with them to identify our answer. Sure enough,  Google has a massive  8899 word Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide.

It sounds and looks intimidating,  but Googles guide shouldn’t take but an hour to skim through. It’s important to read because it will help set the foundation of developing your site with solid SEO. 

Because Our Tucson Search engine Optimization Guide On Site checklist is overwhelming for those beginning, I highly recommend Yoast! Yoast is a WordPress plugin that keeps track of these onsite metrics for you!

I highly recommend starting with WordPress, so that it can help you identify optimizations you overlook from the start! As a result of optimizing a few hundred blog posts, it will eventually become second nature for you!

Quality Points Checklist

Meta Description: While The Meta description doesn’t directly impact your SEO, it is what draws in your customer and entices them to click! So it is vital you make it a good one! Also, be sure to include your target keyword in it.

Page Title Tag: Include keywords inside your page title tag. You’ll quickly start to see a pattern of this going down our 2018 Tucson Search Engine Optimization Guide. list

Header Tags: Your H1-H5 headers should include your page title which should be your desired keyword as previously stated. Never have more than 300 words between headers, this can reduce your readability score.

Paragraphs: You don’t want to exceed 20 words per sentence, furthermore you’ll want 30 percent of your sentences to contain transition words. Be careful not to use a passive voice as this affects your SEO as well. 

Paragraphs should not be too big, because otherwise, your reader may perceive it. as a disorganized mess. 

How your content visually appears will either help your click-through rate or hurt it.

Inbound/Outbound contextual links: Sound SEO practices advise 2-4 links every thousand words. This includes inbound and outbound links.

Take caution when sending outbound links, be sure not to backlink your immediate competition. Whenever you’re uncertain whom to backlink, Wikipedia is a safe bet so long as you link to something relevant to your content.

Keyword Density: While keyword density won’t boost your rankings,  be aware it can harm it! Yoast warns you after exceeding 2.5% keyword density,  and Google penalizes at 5%. This is known as keyword stuffing, and naturally,  Google isn’t a fan!
Lastly, my 2018 Tucson Search Engine Optimization Guide advises targeting no greater than 4 keywords on any given post. While it’s certainly possible to rank for 100s of keywords,  our initial efforts should be more targeted. 

Tucson Search Engine Optimization Media Content Guide

Images: Make sure you don’t use PNG images very often because they take up too much space and cause slow load times. Every image should include an alternate info tag aka alt tags.

Your page title should be  contained within the alt tag. The alt tag additionally will assist your images to rank in search indexes for your keyword. Make sure to have large thumbnail images optimized.

 My recently released article on Advanced Image SEO Ranking Factors thoroughly covers the necessary metrics. So I highly suggest reading it to ensure you get it right!

The chart below for this Tucson Search Engine Optimization Guide ensures your images will be optimized across multiple platforms.

Never Underestimate The Raw Power of Social Signals!

Social Profiles: Ensuring that not only are your Social profiles pointing to your website but your website’s pointing at them. This allows Google to identify their association.

Many SEO experts agree that backlinks are the most powerful Google ranking factor. However, don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t succeed without the help of search engines.

Quite the contrary, because you won’t see traffic from them until you prove your worth! So in the meantime, you’ll need to acquire traffic from a different source.

Choosing to keep our audience in the realm of digital marketing, Social Media will naturally be our first target. When you think of a social platform, look upon it as more than simply a traffic source.

Social media web properties in the hands of an efficient SEO expert can devastate opposition! Creating a Twitter account or Facebook business page has the potential to be indexed in Google.

By hijacking these powerful sites many with a domain authority amongst the top 100 websites opens limitless potential. Google identifies platforms being utilized in this way, and bases their strength on social signals!

Quite a few times, I’ve gotten a Twitter profile on page one of very hard keyword only weeks into a campaign! I was able to accomplish this due to massive engagement.

Five Great Organic Traffic Sources For Content Marketers

Blog Size:
 Just because Yoast gives you the green dot with as little as 200 words, it’s unacceptable! When you post a
blog, post 500 words minimum or it isn’t worth your time!Because lengthy blogs statistically rank better and visitors stay longer, try to avoid small posts. Additionally, just because your reader leaves, chances are they will return later for the full value of your content!

At the same time, don’t overdo it, your audience will get bored! Tucson Search Engine Optimization Guide teaches the practice of not exceeding 4000 words in a single post.

Site Speed: The goal for your website is to have your page load in less than two seconds. So That’s why I promote the usage of lightweight themes and few plugins.

Because you’ll need SSL anyways if you utilize Cloudflare’s FREE SSL, their service provides a proxy additionally!

Having your Java/CSS/HTML minified automatically, and your site cached you’ll get a dramatic speed increase!

Final Note Onsite SEO: Be sure to update your page frequently, and update old content, replacing broken links when necessary.

It is essential that you create great quality content. Because being the author of the 2018 Tucson Search Engine Optimization Guide I can tell you practice makes perfect!

I was so horribly slow at content creation in the beginning, but with time and practice, you’ll get good at it! When you create new pages, a great way to speed up the index process is by URL submission.

Suggested Browser Extensions

All of these Plugins are definitely available for Google Chrome. However I cannot guarantee they are all necessarily available for Firefox. not mandatory they help a lot so my Tucson Search Engine Optimization Guide has them.

However, because you should be using Chrome anyways, this could be an opportunity to upgrade lol!

SEO Quake: SEO Quake Was one of the first tools I downloaded when I began learning SEO. At first you’ll probably be confused as to what all the numbers mean, because I sure was! 

Once you grasp Alexa and SEMRush metrics it will make more sense.  So when you analyze a site, you can quickly size up their strength and traffic flow. The traffic isn’t accurate, but it gives you a ball park, which is tremendous in SEO!

Tube Buddy This Youtube Analytic tool has a light and a pro version, I’ve only used the light version so far. It’s quite helpful if your in the process of ranking a Youtube channel.

Quickly add keywords to newly uploaded video and acquire analytics on competitors

Keywords Everywhere: Kind of a sucky tool, but it’s useful for a backup secondary in case I question the accuracy of MoZ. I usually don’t keep it activated but it’s useful occasionally so I keep it on deck.

Broken Link Checker: This tool has couple valuable uses. So the first would be scanning large sites like a news authority and attempting to find broken links.

This can potentially get your foot in the door to offer a replacement as their reference point. The second way to utilize it is considered gray, so I don’t do it.

You basically scan google with certain url strings and run the tool checking for expired domains to buy. It’s a very time consuming process, I don’t think it’s worth it.

The Moz Bar is probably the most valuable one to a new or tenured SEO practitioner. It uses a Real simple concept ranking a pages authority and the domains authority on a 100 scale.(one being the worst, 100 being the best)

It will also tell you the a total amount of backlinks to a URL. Even the free account signup will provide a certain number of monthly backlink/keyword checks. 

Whois Flags/Wappalyzer: The reason I put these last two together is they are basically for looking under the hood of a site. So whois flags divulge information such as the servers location, IP address, Host, and shared websites.

Many web hosts use shared hosting which grants endless amounts of websites the ability to use  one IP address.The number of sites on an IP is limited only by the hardware capabilities of the computer running the webpages.

Wappalyzer Identifies the software and frameworks being used on a website. This of coarse can be done simply by viewing the source, but this way you instantly have it up.

Even if your not a skilled developer, it’s good to know what your competitors are using. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover an amazing theme that is available on your current CMS!

Tucson Search Engine Optimization Guide

Tucson Search Engine Optimization Guide for Off-Site

Because my Tucson Search Engine Optimization Guide wouldn’t be complete without it, it’s time for some off-site SEO! Off-site SEO consists primarily of driving traffic and acquiring backlinks. While there is quite a bit more work we have to do as a local business, it comes with ranking benefits!

The first thing we will be doing is getting our business location put in the Google Business directory. This alongside Bing Places, are the two most crucial directories we must obtain listings in!

Both directories require you to wait for a postcard to register. When we finish up these two, the next in line is our FaceBook business page. These first 3 are just the beginning, as you have quite a few submissions ahead!

When dealing with directories, the most crucial factor is consistency! Make sure everything matches amongst not only these 3 listings but from here on out! I emphasize accuracy in my Tucson Search Engine Optimization Guide because I’d hate to see you experience my past mistakes!

A helpful tool for understanding how many directory registries we need to sign up for is Moz local.

Tucson Search Engine Optimization Guide

As you can see you have your work cut out for you. However, once you tinker with it and get all the buildings fully erect you’ll notice improvements in your authority. This isn’t even a fraction of all the directories, just the crucial ones!

A very nice list of about 170 directories can be obtained with a free account at Obviously, you don’t have to do all of them but should you do, so it’s definitely beneficial!

Another vital location to create a listing is the Chamber of Commerce. I attempted the process locally here in Tucson and confirm it cost a good amount of money.

Generally, directories which are local and specific to your niche will provide the most SEO benefits.

So now what do we do to acquire some more backlinks? An excellent source to acquire a comprehensive list is your competitor’s backlinks. I’ll go over the two methods that have landed me the most backlinks so you can get authority flowing in!

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is going to be the bread and butter of getting amazing backlinks because it’s as white hat as it gets! You’ll encounter several disappointments in between individuals that say yes, but if your consistently promoting yourself it will happen!

most SEO experts agree that filling out web forms to obtain guest blog opportunities is a horrible idea. Some experts Like Brian Dean AKA Backlinko, suggest tools such as Hunter.

HunterIO is a tool that features harvesting websites and companies email addresses. I definitely agree that this will increase your odds! However, it will still be a numbers game!

In my personal experience prior to writingTucson Search Engine Optimization Guide has been emailing submission requests failing 100%.

I don’t doubt many experts have tremendous success by using email. However, I’ve found my success in acquiring guest blog submissions utilizing different tactics.

I prefer engaging people in tweets or an instant messenger platform versus email. This is because rapport increases your success rate tremendously!

As a result of frequently engaging conversations with your target on Twitter or Facebook, your bond and rapport increases. This makes saying no to your guest post request much more difficult, especially if they like you!

An effective tactic for posting a guest article for an authority is targeting the editor. A web site’s editor has ultimate say in who gets to submit articles. If you succeed in getting one in your pocket you’re set!

One spot to get you started is Hub pages. It’s not super amazing backlink juice, but you will acquire a backlink afterwardards. Fair warning, they’re highly annoying in terms of their approval process lol!

Basically, you’ll have to have someone inform you your article is messed up even if it’s perfect! It’s some weird cult thing they got going on over there ROFL! Play the game and you’ll get your first guest post backlink!

Forums and Product Reviews

One of my favorite tools I discovered recently as a result of Neil Patel called They not only give you more daily free uses than any of the other sites, the site actually uses several platforms and combines them into theirs!

So your not just getting some random platform, because you’ll have Ahref, SEMRush and others at your fingertips!

After you have Googled your target keyword then you simply get the domains of the top 3 people. Using SEOReviewTools backlink checking tool, we proceed to spy on all the do follow links. You’d be amazed how many hidden secrets your competitors and you can.

Sometimes you’ll be routed to a site that you simply must review their product or service for the link. You’ll also be shown to some of the more niche specific forums that will give you link juice.

Sean Gugerty

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