Because of inspiration from Rand Fishkin’s White Board Friday, I decided to write about Advanced Image SEO Ranking Factors. So the first question naturally, is it  worth ranking for Google images in 2018? The reason some experts are hesitant is because of the changes made to Google image Search within the last year.

Some may think that just because an image click doesn’t immediately route potential leads to your page it’s a waste. However my experience and outlook on the subject is that this changes very little in the grand scheme of Image SEO.

Furthermore, individuals browsing through images with the intention of purchasing products are a different animal. These consumers are looking for something very specific. So they don’t necessarily need an amazing sales funnel with a rapport building video.

Which Types of Niches and Products Does Image Search Benefit?

Many products and services are purchased and sought out for very cosmetic reasons. To name a few:

  • Fashion such as clothing lines, shoes, handbags, hats, sunglasses, and other accessories.
  • Food products, cooking recipes (The finished product naturally 😋), and other perishables.
  • Well presented real estate properties
  • Hotels and resorts.

Naturally You’ll want your images in the highest resolution and as visually appealing as possible so you draw attention to your images. Google image search results can be moved higher as a result of more users clicking on your image.

So therefore, you definitely will want images to stand out amongst the crowd. Because amongst a crowd of black and white penguins, being bright red really makes you noticable!

Which Social Platforms Are Ideal When Executing
Advanced Image SEO Ranking Factors

With so many different social media sites to choose from we certainly want to use optimal platforms. to meet Advanced Image SEO Ranking Factors. So the question we must answer is which ones dominate search results? Because we wanted the answer to this question just as much as you, we conducted a field study!

In order to produce unbiased results we needed to create a list of individuals to collect information on. We couldn’t obtain our list from social media, because it would naturally favor the platform drawn from. Furthermore, we wanted queries with high competition subject matter.


I decided upon forming my list from Dr Axe’s Top 50 Functional and Integrative Medical Doctors. This list was ideal not only because of it’s likeliness to be highly competitive, but also it’s social platform neutrality.

With our query terms chosen, the field was conducted by searching Google image search. We documented the first 4 images that were found associated with a social platform.

Because ranking high in image search results is ideal, we noted the first social platforms that appeared. Furthermore, we were curious how much of a factor wikipedia was so we included it in our study. The results that we obtained were quite surprising!

Advanced Image SEO Ranking Factors Field Study Infographic

Hey! Where Did Instagram Go?

We have no idea, so your guess is as good as ours ROFL! Quite a few social platforms didn’t seem to make an appearance during the field study. Furthermore, Youtube dominated the image results. So unless it is our intention to make videos using our main domain is ideal. Furthermore, it is the only way we can be guaranteed complete control and cover all of the Advanced Image SEO Ranking Factors. 

advanced image seo ranking factors mona lisa infographic

A mona lisa masterpiece that shows the 10 theorized ranking factors deturmined by Google’s algorithm. Naturally, if we wanted it to rank, it had to be a masterpiece, hence, Mona Lisa!

The 10 Advanced Image SEO Ranking Factors

Image Filename

If your target keyword has a lot of competition, chances are your page title will be a long tail. If it’s possible, try to pick one with good sentence versatility. Because chances are you’re going to have several images on your page. So say for example your long tail was “John Doe Web Designer,” you could use filenames such as:

  • johndoewebdesigneratdefcon2017.png
  • johndoewebdesignerattheoffice.jpeg
  • johndoewebdesignerofficehours.jpg

This not only increases the odds of hitting your target keyword with an image, but also opens possibilities for many long tails!

Alt Tags

The reason alt tags exist in the first place, is because they provide site visitors an explanation of the image should it fail to load.

So it’s generally a good idea to make sure that the alt tag is relevant to the image. Because you’re using relevant images, this shouldn’t be to difficult.

AdvancedImage SEO

Image Caption

One of the often overlooked Advanced Image SEO Ranking Factors, the Image Caption can be a powerhouse! According to SEO Expert Rand Fishkin,

“So this is something where we’ve actually seen the caption be more important than the alt attribute when it comes to Image Search”

Because Google’s crawler records the surrounding text to define a caption’s relevance, it’s a good idea to make sure it coincides with your keyword. Like most things in SEO, consistency and stacking a combination of relevant factors all adds up to the win!

Page Title and Surrounding Text

Matching all these up relative to your image all add up. So do your best to syncronize them!

URL Extension Matches Image

Having a Matching url extension to go with your image title will boost SEO!

Poplarity and Engagement

Because Google sees people as money, engagement and sharing is Big TIME SEO!

Size and dimensions play a big part of image seo. That’s because Google doesn’t like slow load times, or tiny images!

Image Size and Dimensions

So many people make mistakes when it comes to Advanced Image SEO Ranking Factors regarding size and dimensions. As a result of our field study, we know the ideal image size ratio is 16:9. So that being said what do we do to optimize our image’s file size?

Because I made the critical mistake in my beginning development days, I wrote Speed Up WordPress PNGs Must Die to ensure you don’t overuse PNGs. PNG files should only be used when transparency is needed. This is because a PNG being 10x the file size of other image types is common place.

The ideal file type to use for speed and quality is jpeg. Jpeg is ideal in the sense it maintains quality yet compresses phenomenally well for page load times.

Embed Count

Because image SEO is graded in a more traditional format, less spam filters are going to complicate things.  So you can begin Embedding to your heart’s content content on several different web properties! There are programs and platforms that will aid you in embedding, however one of the simplest ways to do it is with this  snippet of code:

<embed> src="[ImageAddressHere]" type="image/jpeg" width="100%" height="100%>

Final Note

One final note to keep in mind when implementing these metrics for Advanced Image SEO Ranking Factors, None of these metrics or tactics bt themselves, is going to land you target keywords. Because we aim to achieve,  executing full optimization upon images will most likely win most races outright.

If you put in time and gain experience, you can quite possibly rank some of the most difficult image keywords demograph! Through practice, trial, and error ,your hard work will eventually pay off!

Sean Gugerty

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