I’m writing this article Because the content surrounding Black Hat SEO currently available doesn’t arm marketers with a defensive plan! One would assume so long as you stay on the White Hat path that everyone preaches about, all is well right?

Unfortunately, because most of the black hat techniques in 2018 are veered towards harming competitors we need good offense! I say offense because defense alone won’t neutralize the field! If you find yourself up against these tactics, don’t worry! Because you’ll know just what to do after reading this article!

A Word Of Caution!

Please be aware I’m not writing this to educate or advise anyone to utilize Black Hat tactics despite how effective they are! If you insist upon doing such criminal activities you do it at your own risk, and hopefully, my readers tear you to pieces! 😈

Unfortunately, because of angering a digital terrorist, I had to learn effective countermeasures to ward off my attacker. The tactics others define as being Black Hat SEO are child’s play compared to some of these criminal acts!

It is my theory that because insufficient light been shed upon Black Hat SEO, many grey hat SEO tactics have been mislabelled. Furthermore, the fact nobody has called out individuals utilizing such tactics is unacceptable!



This infographic shows modern White, Grey, and Black Hat SEO strategies. As you can see, many black hat tactics are veered towards harming their competition. This makes it essential for a marketer to be knowledgeable in identifying foul play and prepared to take necessary action!

Grey Is The New Black!

Sure, when someone cheats while doing their SEO,  not only is it unethical practice, the short-term benefits received impact others. However, because Grey Hat tactics aren’t done with direct malicious intent, My blog will be categorizing them as Grey So, let’s list them off!

Social Profile Automation.

Automating social profiles for the purpose of maintaining audience engagement to extend reach is against Google’s rules. So, this is seemingly one of Google’s situational rules appear to be selectively picked when they choose to point fingers. Why do I say that?

Because almost every social media platform has API integration, and Google themselves offers a Script app to run and automate their other services. Furthermore, it’s not exactly Black Hat SEO they could really legitimately prove you were doing.


Just because cloaking is clearly deceptive and can be used maliciously, it is still, in my opinion, Grey Hat. According to Search Engine Land, cloaking involves serving different content to crawlers and humans in an effort trick search engines for ranking. This infographic I found vaguely covers the theorized use of cloaking to fool crawlers.

This picture was obtained from Search Engine Land. The infographic shows a theorized implementation of cloaking to fool crawler bots.

As a result of my affiliate marketing experience, I have found cloaking to have more than one definition. The term cloaking simply translates to masking the actual location of a URL. So the term applies regardless of what the intentions behind fooling a person, or a computer are. This definitely isn’t something I’d consider a black hat, and cloaking has its legitimate uses.

For instance, a piece of web property I was blogging on apparently doesn’t get along so great with Pinterest. To appease this I simply sent the initial referral thru another domain and time delayed the redirect by 10 seconds with jQuery.

Buying Old Domains And reaping The Former Owners Benefits

So it is true, that you can buy domains and link them to yours for obtaining authority. Additionally, any negatives (Which quite often there is!) are going to get inherited as well. Because of this, the time needed to scrape through the internet is extended and it’s quite a bit of work.

So by no means is this practice of resurrecting domains anything but tediously boring work! In all honesty, the person conducting the scrape deserves a reward! However, that is assuming of course the domain will have content on it at some point!

 Purchasing Content

It’s one thing to hire a professional blogger or writer to produce content for you, that is a white hat for certain!  However, when you buy content off of a website or email spam offer, you’re taking so much risk! That’s because the source of the article is unknown. Which means it could be stolen/duplicate content that you’re paying for!

Secondly, Because we aim to trump our competitors, we need content that is original, Furthermore, we need it to surpass our competitors or we’ll fail! The only way you can acquire the skill to write articles, design websites, and output graphic designs is practice. So generally speaking, even if your content sucks at first, keep at it!

Private Blog Network.

This particular technique in my honest opinion has utility, especially in adult niches. That’s because it is incredibly difficult to acquire backlinks of any form in many aspects of the adult community. So while building your own links is time-consuming it’s worth it! Because it doesn’t take much to rank porn lol!

Black Hat SEO 2018 Featured Image Private Blog Network Example

The Real Black Hat SEO Raw & Uncut!

So we started off with Automation in Grey hat SEO and discussed the absurdity of penalizing someone for it! Now we’ll flip the script a good 180 degrees because anything in the wrong hands can potentially be a bad thing!

Black Hat SEO Evil Automation.

So if you think one of your buddies from work who made a few extra twitters was over the top, think again! If you are not familiar with the MOZ Domain Authority, I’ll fill you in. It’s a number rating between 1 and 100. So 1 would be horrible and 100 would be as godly as Google. A 41 in MoZ is incredibly difficult to obtain, especially if you’re new to SEO!

However when you steal Facebook’s Ferrari joyriding it makes Black Hat SEO quite a bit easier. This career criminal extortionist Jason Watson, has used a Python script to automate account creation. With several thousand accounts he has organically ranked in the top 10 search results.


The easy solution to massively obstruct these types efforts is report fake profiles anytime you see a pile of likes on content. Do this reporting manually or so you can save time and energy, you may use a simple macro.

Because the Black Hat SEO strategist has 150 likes on garbage, we conclude the majority of the profiles are fake. After reporting all the profiles as potentially fake, Facebook doesn’t end up banning them all. However, because about 30 out of every 100 will be shut down, mass reporting is an effective counter measure! This serves as an ideal deterrent when you acquire one of these unwanted stalkers.

Black Hat SEO 2018 Social Signal Manipulation
Multiple extortion website owner Jason Watson’s social profile account on Facebook has been ranked in a incredibly difficult key phrase

Automated Banning and Suspensions.

Black Hat SEO professionals that I’ve encountered absolutely love the 1st Amendment! 🙄 That is up until you start to gain an audience and bring to light they’re criminals! In the same way, fake social signals are not only used for increasing authority, they also are used offensively!

Most people are unaware that social platforms setup automation for disciplinary actions. For instance if 200 people report you for spam on Twitter, your account gets temporarily locked. In some instances, they will fax/email 100s of DMCA complaints to get your website removed. Anything and everything to suppress and censor your SEO efforts!


So when it comes to dealing with childish games morons force us to strategize against, we must fortify ourselves! Because we absolutely don’t want our hard work and progress to be destroyed. Should your website be facing DMCA claim flooding attacks a few solutions are:

  • Hiding your Domain’s IP behind a proxy such as CloudFlare.
  • Obtain web hosting from “DMCA Ignored” hosts. an example of a noncompliant DMCA host is Ecatel. Some hosts will even outright tell if you ask. Definitely, expect the cost to be more than mainstream hosting.
  • Hosting videos and images on a content delivery network.

In addition to censorship attacks on web hosting, Social profiles are even more so a threat. Solutions to work around these issues are:

  • Using Imgur as an image host. your social profile is almost never penalized for posting content from an approved 3rd party platform. Content can be uploaded to Imgur with absolutely no credentials or account information whatsoever!
  • you could also Use what is known as a torpedo, or throw away account when undermining or neutralizing harassing opposition.

Every marketer knows that one of the most difficult parts of the whole ranking process is acquiring backlinks. Because some Black Hat SEO professionals don’t like spending their day earning links, they use SQL String Redirection to Backlink search engines.

Apparently, Google’s Austrian server, Bing, and AOL are vulnerable to this exploit. I’m certainly making this u, right? Interestingly enough I’ve politely informed Google several dozen times, and apparently, they don’t proactively stop criminal backlinking.

Well, at least when it’s someone making them millions of dollars at least lol! You see because reputation management is 48 dollars a click and that’s what these mugshot guys pay out of pocket for the clicks.

This domain authority is being allowed to be stolen directly from the source! Google themselves simply allow this theft, just so they can monetize from the exchange. As a result of Google’s greed, an extreme imbalance in the ranking system is caused.

Black Hat SEO acquired by SQL string redirection.
This picture shows Google’s domain authority being stolen directly from the source! Google themselves turn a blind eye to it while they monetize off the extreme imbalance of their ranking system.


You’re probably thinking to yourself, “So how the exactly do we combat something that even Google themselves won’t fix? Thankfully, because domains require several backlinks, although it is a powerful backlink, it’s not the end all! By using one of several websites that offer the service, we can obtain an offender’s backlinks. Alerting domains back linking the black hat perpetrators via email and providing a valid reason for their removal is effective!

News sites such as the New York Times immediately removed the unreputable sources cited in error in the case of Black Hat Criminal Jason Watson!

Several other domains and websites have complied and responded to my requests to remove any authority passing links to the criminal. This slowly but surely is diminishing the power of the domain.

XSS(Cross Site Scripting) & Sweaty API Botnets

According to OWASP, Cross Site Scripting attacks involve injecting malicious code from the front end server side achieving a middleman attack. For the most part, proper web app sanitization, and SSL encryption eliminate these potential hazards. Keep in mind, however, just because you use SSL, it doesn’t guarantee immunity to all SSL attacks!

API social profile account takeovers are avoided easily by not downloading apps outside of the play store/ App store. All the majority of API integrations essentially are, is a way of controlling a platform with a variety of programming languages.


Should you find yourself being compromised by someone’s API not to worry! Because application takeovers are easy to eliminate! By going into the settings of the platform or device, and removing the permissions, we have resolved the issue! So you can see first hand the devastation an individual can have with these exploits, here’s 2 videos.  In the first video, 5 people were compromised by API integrations (Despite my ramblings of thinking it was a shell session lol!).

The second video highlights the instance where MR. Watson hijacked an admin session of a domain without SSL. As a result, he was able to completely compromise the website, and backlink it.

Final Note: Dos Attacks & Google Maps Address Fraud

Denial of Service or DOS attacks aren’t not as common as they were in the past. That’s because of the penalties and repercussions if an individual is caught doing so.

For example, several members of the hacktivist group Anonymous have received federal prison sentences for DOS attacks. Furthermore, DOS attacks are very easy to trace and almost impossible to execute undetected.

So aside individuals conning other’s into doing their dirty work or using botnets, you won’t see it occur frequently. So should you find yourself on the receiving end of Denial of service what should you do?

CloudFlare is one of the best solutions for stopping denial of  service attacks. Not only is it utilizable as a solution, it also works as a preventative. The service proactively hides your web host’s IP address from the user front end.

due the fact it’s very much traceable and inevitably other than temporary outage accomplishes nothing for the risk. Manipulation of local results benefits black hats n numerous ways. Local businesses are can gain authority from local directories. Listings such as Yellow Pages or the chamber of commerce aren’t available to E-Commerce businesses. All businesses relevant in the geographic area are dominated.

Despite what experts do or do not think they know of SEO. IT’s difficult. the bottom line is a big chunk of easy authority is available to localized businesses.


Lucky for us this is a very simple fix! Having a lvl 5 tour guide Google Account speeds the whole process up! By reporting the address fraud to Google, fraud, it is removed! sometimes immediately, sometimes it can take up to a week. I hope my insight aids you in the combat against unfair black hats outranking you! Happy ranking!

Sean Gugerty

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