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I’m writing this article so SEO beginners can identify NoFollow vs DoFollow Backlinks and which links to seek out.

So chances are that unless you work for Google, you most likely won’t know all the factors.

The theorized amount of ranking factors ranges from one SEO expert to the next, however the range is between 150-200 in total.

Due to backlinks being one of the biggest ranking factors, it is only natural that we focus on building links.

So we hear all the time the two types of links are Nofollow and DoFollow, but what’s the difference?

The One Major Difference

So the main difference between the two is that a DoFollow will pass you authority while a NoFollow will not.

Because some experts find it necessary to identify you need a mix of Nofollow and DoFollow Backlinks let’s clarify.

Yes, you do need both, however, because it is hard obtaining quality DoFollow’s, this will be your entire focus.

Many high trust sites such as Facebook, are helpful despite being NoFollow. Thats because of their traffic potential.

If you’re unsure where to find quality links with authority, check out Stealing Backlinks, because you’re sure to get tons!

So naturally the next question would be how exactly do we tell the difference between the two. 

Furthermore, we’ll want to know any curveballs that might possibly hit us!



<a href="http://website.com" rel="nofollow">No Authority</a>

End result: No Authority


<a href="http://www.website.com">Authority</a>

End Result: Authority

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Term Definition
Noopener Requires user’s browser not send an HTTP referrer header so the user will follow the hyperlink.
Noreferrer Requires that any browsing context created by following the hyperlink must not have an opener browsing context

Dofollow Backlinks CurveBall

Because surely life would be boring without curve balls being thrown at us would it not? Due to the fact web developers at times opt to nofollow the entire page we must look in the header.


<meta name="robots" content="noindex, follow" />

So what this means essentially is when Google, or other search engine sends a crawler the bot is not to index the page.

Just because the above example indicates the link should be followed, this is only to allow the authority to pass onsite.

So now you can decipher between Nofollow and DoFollow Backlinks and identify a page not being indexed.

Well, that means were finally almost there, however there is one more thing we should be aware of.

Internal Linking is Essential for Dofollow Backlinks to be effectively passing authority

In the beginning, almost everyone in the SEO industry oversights the importance of ensuring our links are not orphaned.

It doesn’t matter if we have a link on even a website as godly as NY Times, because if there aren’t links pointing to it it’s dead!

So if it’s a social profile or forum any linking back to your profile with the site url is an internal link!

Hence, even liking someone’s content or a thumbs up depending on what forum or platform you’re on is sufficient. Because absolutely any engagement you do on another portion of a website has to link back to you for signaling who made the action.

What if the link is not on a site we have any control of whatsoever?

Because this situation rarely comes up, You have a couple options. you could use a free version of many services that will create temporary links, or make them yourself!

It’s surprisingly easy to take one of the countless thousands of free 2.0 domains or make a social platform to point a link at the page. Sometimes because of the page type, it may take several links, but with enough pressure, Google will index it!

For your convenience, I have included my latest video with explanations and implementation of these principals.

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