So if you read my article on Tucson SEO then you have an understanding how import it is to get backlinks. Because we need all the good quality backlinks we can get, these 16 will be a great start! All of the links in this article I checked and confirmed they passed authority.

Will this rank me for my target keywords?

Probably not no, but  ideally they will allow us to rank our domain 1st for branding purposes. These are very reputable links however, so they definitely will pass authority to us if done properly. Some of them are very simple and merely registering and adding links in your profile will suffice.

However, because some of them require specific occurrences in order to pass authority, I created this article to provide instruction.

A few things worth noting

When you Get Backlinks, you don’t want to send all of them to one url. So be sure to spread them out evenly across your domain. Think of your website as you would a humans circulatory system, so that being said you need to span your internal links as well!

Be sure and use a variety of niche related anchor text where applicable in places like Tumblr. So that way it will aid Google in identifying what kind of website you have.

Where to Place Link On Tumblr

Because Tumblr utilizes redirect links, there is only one place we can effectively place our backlink, the description! So to do this we visit our page by selecting edit appearance.

You can place your href with anchor text anywhere in the description you like. However, statistics show it is optimal to place it within the first 100 words. That’s because it is statistically proven that sites doing as such, rank higher more often than those who don’t. Like most social media profiles, the more engagement our Tumblr profile receives the more effective the link becomes.

So sharing engaging content that is of a high quality certainly will help us in our efforts to rank our website.

 Get Backlinks, Pass Authority on Youtube
These Profile links are the only spot you can put links that pass authority, so make them count!

Backlink Youtube and Twitch!

Another great place to Get Backlinks for our domain is Youtube because it is ranked number two in the world! There are many places it is possible to drop links on Youtube however there is only one place that will pass authority. So we can quickly add our links:

1. Goto your youtube channel
2. Click customize channel
3. Where your cover photo is located to the top right hover your mouse in the area and a pen will appear click option 2 edit channel links
4. Click customize channel again

Now at the bottom of the page will be the option to add links. Use all 5 because These links will harden your  social profile accounts making them rank better. Upload a video so that  you will receive the authority from your Youtube channel.

Get Backlinks From Audio Socials!

So in order to get the audio links we will be required to provide a song for 2 of them and a podcast for the 3rd. The easiest way I’ve found to acquire a song is to simply search SoundCloud and specify free to share.

If the artist doesn’t have a link handy you use the Sound Cloud Downloader for the Chrome browser. So long as we include acknowledgements in the description naming the artist, we can use it on other social platforms.


For Buzzsprout we’ll need to make a recording discussing our niche for 5 or 10 minutes and by definition it will be a podcast.


Because our public profile doesn’t have a URL it puts on display for Google crawlers, we need to make a business page. The business page allows us to place a DoFollow link in our business description. So the last thing we should do before we’re done with LinkedIn is list our business as our current job. In theory by tethering the two accounts to one another any strong social signals should carry over in the form of better authority.

Get Backlinks 3 High Authority DoFollow Audio Platforms

Get Backlinks From The powerhouse MoZ
One of the powerhouses to acquire for anyone within web design or the SEO niche, is MoZ.

Mighty MoZ

I’ve recently put effort into mastering onsite and competitor keyword stealing for my link building strategies. One of my competitors was ranking 3rd for “Tucson Web Design” and I noticed he had MoZ. Because I wanted that backlink I quickly became a community member and registered an account only to discover it was a nofollow link. So to get a DoFollow, you simply need to acquire 200 MoZ points.

Apparently, because of one reason or another, the option to acquire points with free accounts is discontinued. However they offer a free month trial, so I fully intend to get MoZ my backlink! and it certainly seems worth it to me. Plus the resources and tools will be a great benefit during the free month as well. So hopefully this article has provided value and pointed you in the right direction of ranking your domain!

Sean Gugerty

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