Get Indexed Without Google Webmaster

Today I’m cover how to Get Indexed Without Google Webmaster because sometimes you don’t have full admin access. As an experienced SEO Tucson local, many of my clients needs content to be indexed and ranked.

Naturally, most often the reason you need content indexed quickly because your receiving an SEO benefit. I’ll give you two scenarios I’ve personally encountered where this trick was a major benift for me.

  • One day, conducting research you find a forum related to your niche with do follow links! So you’ve finally posted the 50 required posts for a member to be allowed to use links. Because you aren’t a spammer, you write a beautiful blog rich with content! You leave the your link to your post hooray! However because this site’s so big, who knows when Google, if ever, will actually your thread!
  • You have been building a legitimate set of links utilizing secondary domains. Your Private blog network has been doing great without a snag yet! You managed to make secondary domains on WordPress, Blogspot, and Weebly no problem. However now your making making one on Angelfire and suddenly realise you got a problem! Because there is no Header access to verify the domain in Google! Being unable to submit a site index, Google may quite some time to find your blog post!

So what do you do now?

What in the world are you going to do in order to Get Indexed Without Google Webmaster? There is a solution so Not to worry! You may not get your site indexed in hours or a couple days time, but take at least it will be within about a week!

I didn’t have know how to get Google’s attention the first time I built a Private Blog Network. As a result, it took months for them to finally index the content with my link! So the first thing we’re going to do is register a free account with Link Centaur.

Link centaur is a website that offers a service that will generate a variety of backlinks from over 100 places! While these are technically links, they don’t have a long term benefit to our SEO score.

What are does that mean exactly?

An example of what kind of link it’s generating would be a site like Clearwebstats. To be provided with free DNS and analytic information you must enter your domain name. Well in doing so the ClearWebStats does link to your website. Obviously, Google wont consider this in the same way as a guest post on the Huffington post so don’t celebrate!

Because these other 100 or so domains have high authority, Google crawler’s see the exchange and go into action! Not the kind of action you’ll want to watch, equating to watching your grass grow lol! But it’s better than watching a tree go!

Below is a list of sites that offer a similar service as Link Centaur. Don’t use more than 2-3 in a days time however. You wouldn’t want to look like a spammer would you? Good luck and I hope this helps you!

List of Multiple Sites For Temporary Backlinks.

SL No. Ping Sites Domain Authority Alexa Rank
1 Ping-O-matic 70 5,726
2 Twingly 68 31,696
3 Googleping 54 9,004
4 Pingler 53 14,901
5 Pingdom 87 2,369
6 Pingmyurl 52 13,612
7 Feedshark 58 40,113
8 Pingmylink 32 36,789
9 34 39,132
10 Blogbuzzer 35 106,282
11 Bulkping 37 45,306
12 Pingfarm 35 18,184
13 Icerocket 70 29,896
14 Pingoat 30 43,598
15 Pingsitemap 33 39,764
16 Mypagerank 71 27,789
17 Pingbomb 23 45,771
18 Backlinkping 25 103,651
19 Totalping 55 15,385
20 Smallseotools 57 1,974
21 Use Me 22 264,997
22 Site24x7 57 14,944
23 Kuleping 23 1,102,139
24 Freelinksubmitter 22 284,203
25 Pingthatblog 23 384,949
26 Indexkings 31 23,181
27 Domain Pinger 1 9,716,704
28 Excite Submit 44 169,578
29 Ping My Links 20 218,170
30 Ping My URLs 10 700,187
31 Ping O Matics 7 3,434,339