Google Script Gmail Autopilot

There’s many options when it comes to email automation, and Google Script Gmail Autopilot is amongst the free ones!

So the first thing you’ll need to have in order to deliver deliver branded emails naturally is to purchase the DNS. So once you’ve purchased your preferred dot com or whatever the decided upon domain suffix you’ve chosen, you’ll need email hosting.

Naturally, if you’ve purchased a VPS, you would probably use Dovecot and Postfix, but if you’re on a budget there are options. The two best I’ve found are Zoho and Migadu

Zoho Mail hosting

In my personal opinion this is your ideal choice, because of it’s daily send limit. It evenly divides the limit amongst the total number of email accounts.


  • 200 Emails max-daily (Divided between accounts.)
  • Maximum of 25 Email Accounts.

Migadu Mail hosting

Generally speaking, if you can go through Zoho I would, because it’s the best option. However, certain Suffixes aren’t accepted by Zoho, and Migadu works!


  • Only 10 Emails per account can be sent šŸ‘Ž
  • Unlimited Email Accounts!

So if you end up using Migadu and are concerned about their 10 outgoing daily limit, don’t. Because irregardless of how you host your domain’s Email, the outgoing limits are determined by Google. If you’re using a free Gmail Account Google’s daily maximum is between 100-150 emails.

You will get more outgoing emails if you use Google’s G-Suite accounts. So if you want information about G-Suite limits, check out their documentation HERE.

Imap/PoP3 setup

1 So we can send email from our custom domain we’ll start by clicking the gear and selecting the settings tab.

Google Script Gmail Autopilot - Instructional Slide 1.

2 In order to send outgoing mail we’ll probably need to turn it on first.! šŸ¤—Depending on your appointed mail host, enable either POP or IMAP then click save.

Google Script Gmail Autopilot - Instructional Slide 2.

3 The next thing we’ll do so we can send aliased emails is configure the outgoing messages. so click on accounts and import and then click, “Add another email address

Google Script Gmail Autopilot - Instructional Slide 3.

Determining which settings to enter as you’re following along with Google’s webform dialogue depends on your hosting method. For your convenience, I’ll provide both E-mail providers used in this tutorial.

Zoho IMAP POP and SMTP Settings
POP/Imap Email Settings for Migadu

Lastly we need a script!

So I gather that not everyone loves programming as much as I do so I’ve already made one for your Google Script Gmail Autopilot. šŸ¤—

Because I want to ensure your implementation goes through without a hitch, I’m including a video at the bottom of this article. Additionally, I’ve even included a responsive email template for your convenience. So head on over to our Official Github to quickly clone/copy our Google Script.

While this wont be the best option for everyone’s needs some of the major benefits include:

  • 1 It’s totally free if you want it to be šŸ¤‘
  • 2 You can schedule precise delivery times without even having a Database or Cron Jobs!
  • 3 Because there is no limit as to the accounts you set this up with, you have infinite templates and possibilities!
function aliasMailApp() {
  var template = HtmlService.createTemplateFromFile("template.html");
  var aliases = GmailApp.getAliases();
/* / RECIPIENT / */  '[email protected]',
/* EMAIL SUBJECT */  "Subject line content goes here.",
/* / HTML BODY / */  '', {
/* ///////////// */  htmlBody: template.evaluate() .getContent(),
/*  FROM / ALIAS */     'from': aliases[0]
/* ///////////// */      }
/* ///////////// */  );

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