The reason why you Steal Your Competitors Backlinks is because backlinks are one of the biggest ranking factors. Furthermore you wont find a more condensed area of juicy backlinks anywhere else in comparison of your opponents! You will come to find many of the link building methods are similar to the ones mentioned in my local SEO Guide. So naturally the first question that comes to mind is how do we figure out what backlinks our competitors have?

Tools Used For Stealing Your Competitors Backlinks

The first step so we can obtain new backlinks from our opponents is to gather information on our rivals. Their’s many different options to choose from and because the free tools each platform offers is limited, we’ll use several! Unless you care to donate the pro version to a starving entrepreneur because your awesome lol?

The reason SEO Review Tools is my favorite is because they really offer you quite a bit of features for free! Furthermore when you steal your competitors backlinks, they list some of the most powerful ones first! So once you’ve gotten a list to work with you’ll encounter quite a few different types of link building scenarios.

Guest Blog Opportunities

So w’ere starting with one of the most bountiful of backlinks, however they are also one of the most difficult to acquire! Guest posts are well worth it so don’t be a lazy bum and skip them! In addition to providing amazing link juice, you’ll reap several benefits from guest posts as a result!

More Traffic

The link juice you obtain from guest blogging is hands down some of the best!

More Traffic

Guest posting on popular websites means some article viewers will visit your site!


At the end of the day, more traffic and more engagement equates to more conversions


So you discovered a forum while you steal your competitors backlinks? Slow your roll my friend, because when it comes to forums, moderators can be enemy number 1! Every now and again you’ll encounter a forum that is easy pickings that you can just get your link indexed! But because that is usually not the case, you will need to approach your linking to this forum strategically!

In my years of back linking forums I have encountered all manner of annoying rules and obstacles!

  • Minimum required number of posts before posting links. This doesn’t translate to post 50 posts in a day so slow play it! Post a few because you want to appear as organic as possible!
  • Prohibited from promoting your own content. If you encounter this and the link in your profile is not a do follow, make sure you conceal the fact you’re owner! A good way to do this is by using several other reputable links to reference the forum post.
  • Minimum number of member likes before posting links Because you not only need exposure, you need it from forum trolls, you’ll need to draw attention. Post rich content in that caters to regular forum members because gaining favor helping newbies will do you no good!

There are many other stipulations varying from forum to forum not mentioned above, so just make sure you read the rules. Furthermore, Try not to rush their process and eventually the backlink will be yours!

Social Platform Backlinks

It’s quite possible when you steal your competitors backlinks you’ll discover a social platform you’ve never heard of. Furthermore perhaps you should take a look at the massive list on wikipedia!

Just because many of the top Alexa ranked social platforms don’t make do follow links accessible, many of them do! So you can get some free backlinks and also domain trust Here is a list of 10!

  4. Myspace (You’re Fired Tom lol!)
  5. (It’s not a social platform but it will juice up your site and social profiles with a seller account!)
  10. (Yes number 2 Alexa gives juice! Hot damn son!)
steal your competitors backlinks

Product or Service Reviews

 So during your information gathering as you steal your your competitors backlinks you find out their link is a review! These are easy money but slow down their cowboy! Because some products you might actually have to buy to give a review! If the product kicks ass, or if the backlink is that good it’s so worth it though!

Be sure not to go overboard with so much brown nosing it seems phony though! Because you don’t want to be too obvious! Also, if it is a competitors link don’t do it, because that would just be stupid!

Black Hat SEO Links  While it's tempting to Steal Your Competitors Backlinks any chance you get, avoid Black hat ones! Because eventually that will catch up to your competitor and he’ll end up on Google’s naughty list! Worse yet some of the sweaty links I’ve encountered involved an individual hacking and compromising a XSS vulnerable website. You better believe that something to that degree could even involve jail time! Furthermore once your closer to the top of the leaderboard, you might want to give your opponent a helping hand… Off a F**king cliff sucker! You might have better luck than me because Google never does jack for me lol! But to report black hat SEO, the process you’d go about it is filling out a Google Spam Report. For more information on identifying these dangerous links, check out my 2018 Black Hat SEO article!

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