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Because America has a right to know, is there Twitter Censorship going on? If so, how badly and to what degree are they censoring? Unfortunately the answer to both of these questions is very startling!

Freedom of speech became extinct long ago, as a result of corporate Conglomerates. We allowed this to happen because we submitted control of our global communication. Furthermore, everyone’s focal point is the fear of our government obtaining total control. However the theory of democracy is that we the people control it. Unfortunately, it is the dollar that does the real voting.

I say this not to suggest we hand control of social media to the government, rather highlight how horrible of a situation we’re in. Because when a company owns a copyright, they have ultimate say in the matter of it’s usage. Once you utilize Twitter’s social platform, your intellectual properties for your content, no longer exist.

Neither The Government Nor Corporations Should Control Global Communication

As Americans, we can only blame ourselves because in laziness, we’ve handed our rights away! It is essential we take the power from the criminal corporatocracy, and move ALL communications to open source platforms!

Just as laziness has allowed this corporate takeover, laziness and automation are why Twitter is so corrupt. On a frequent basis, Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco is relentlessly bombarded with negative Google maps reviews.

The only legitimate positive reviews are as a result of compliments of their exceptional on site restaurant. So what’s creating negative hype at their headquarters when Twitter is an online social platform? As you can see, it is because of desperation for assistance from it’s users.

Twitter solves their headquarters being slandered with automation. Employee Jay Holler @JayHoller naturally has nothing but good things to say about his 27 billion dollar employer. Because everyone would enjoy getting paid for leisure reviews of neighboring local businesses on Google Maps.

Twitter Censorship - Jay Holler Damage Control

But Sean, Where Is This Automation That Conglomerate Twitter Censorship Is Using?

Because any obstacle Twitter faces resulting in time and manpower, their solution is automation! I’m sure they have more pressing matters to attend to, because they can’t have their whole staff cleaning their reputation.  Twitter Censorship in this case is executed with their strong suit, automation.

Twitter Censorship

As you can see, Twitter even automates their efforts to combat negative reviews received in abundance. Rather than dealing with their client base’s unmet needs, Twitter Censorship opts to remedy negativity through automation. Additionally, they don’t want to burden their staff with doing so.

The image above shows accounts with several hundred reviews for purposes of gaining “local guide” status within Google Maps. This grants several advantages for purposes of SEO and credibility. Because the human eye isn’t as blind as oftentimes Google’s algorithm is, “Spoon Gooood” isn’t exactly a review.

Unfortunately we can’t entirely blame Twitter for their methods, because obviously they’re effective at accomplishing their goals. Google’s Alexa ranking, and the world’s financial system is rewarding many conglomerate entities for such business practice.

Work Smarter Not Harder Right?

So therefore, if people simply stopped using their platform they would have no choice but to implement some form of customer service. Furthermore, this would theoretically put a stop to this alleged (and proven multiple times) Twitter Censorship.Unfortunately this isn’t something that fictional capitalism will fix like in the case of a product. Obviously they have pioneered a simple yet amazing platform!

Despite issues veering towards a scale of epic proportion, I myself have absolutely no choice but to continue using Twitter. Millions of online marketers and businesses are in the same position as me, some even rely upon them entirely! All of which, myself included admittedly utilize automation, like my Tireless Twitter Bot. Bots are easily created in abundance because of easily exploited loopholes to create infinite accounts

As a developer and marketer, I face endless obstacles on a daily basis. Because it is necessary, we developers innovate our own solutions, and become better at it daily. Unfortunately, because of manmade issues these obstacles go beyond the scope of a simple solution.

As The Old Saying Goes, Money Is The Root Of All Evil

Because “money doesn’t buy happiness,” generally each person varies upon their levels of integrity. Unfortunately, because corporations are the most greedy amongst us, their is no integrity threshold and it’s all about profit.

Many occurrences exist of Twitter Censorship, this example I present naturally affects me directly. Upon first using Twitter for marketing purposes I discovered a Tweet that began what is now a 2 year war.

My first exposure to Twitter Censorship was as a result of taking their 5000 followers too literally 😂. After receiving a shadow ban for what I see now as a laughable newbie mistake I made a new account. This is when I scratched the surface of a crooked business model known as mugshot extortion.

I wont derail the focal point and bore you with my getting caught peddling drugs several years back, we all make mistakes. Already having served my two year sentence, and paying my dues, I wasn’t to pleased seeing
Jason Watson’s slander. Switching from one account to the next, at one point when I utilized Twitter’s search, I discovered a Tweet slandering me. It was doing so by taking an arrest record that occured at that point 3 years prior. Once I voiced a complaint he became volatile!

Having this boob commit a barrage of minor criminal offenses to scare me is how I discovered the massive Twitter Censorship.Although Googles Algorithm and Jason’s domains lack of optimization keeps this extortion racket at balance Twitter enables it!

Twitter Censorship - Criminal Jason Watsons Handiwork

I was certainly appalled initially at the fact Twitter’s stance on “Parody Accounts” isn’t limited to public icons and government officials. Typically, because of judicial systematics such as “Fighting words”, individuals don’t practice such efforts. That being said, at what point is freedom of speech crossing boundaries?

According To Conglomerate Twitter Censorship, Money Honey!

Naturally I wasn’t going to lay down without a fight. After a court ordered injunction of harassment failed, I proceeded to campaign at the heart of the business! In full operation, I had harvested nearly 7 million victims from Mr. Watson’s database. Providing insight and solutions to his victims with about 143 Twitter accounts, Twitter had a problem!

Apparently, because this digital warfare was no simple matter, automation quite simple wasn’t going to cut it! Faced with a decision between moral business practice, and profiteering Twitter chose MONEY! Despite merely mirroring the exact conduct Mr. Watson is orchestrating was no matter. 1000s of bogus accounts, to millions of victims, Twitter Censorship sides with greed!

After banning my 143 accounts,quickly sweeping their criminal conductivity under the rug, it was business as usual! Because Twitter makes a substantial amount of money from this criminal racket. Twitter quite readily sided with individuals who judge innocent arrestees with convicted child molesters equally.

View post on imgur.com

Jason however is but a small fish in the big pond of Twitter’s condoned racketeering. One of the biggest culprits is Wakes Mugshots. According to LLC Business records expired in 2010, is run under the authority of a Russian millionaire who Extorts millions of Americans. Many of his victims are minorities, but the atrocity is his extortion of children! Listing their parents full address 1st in Google, he exposes America’s future to identity theft and sexual preditors! None of this would be possible without the black hat manipulation of Twitter’s social signals. This is easily orchestrated by the individual with 100s of fake Twitter profiles. Where is Twitter Censorship when you need it right?

Googles Mugshot Algorithm Hard at work

Many other horrid practices are unfortunately allowed to occur As a result of Twitter Censorship. I just hope in the near future, CEO Jack Dorsey takes his company off autopilot for a short while. Because Twitter has great potential, once they realize some things, just cannot be automated.

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