US Support LLC AKA Jason Watson

Because America wants to know, is US Support LLC CEO The Spam Man?
Mr Bluebird Dorsey lacks net neutrality and loves his Twitter empire of spam! you decide!

The reason I mention Twitter, is because it is a den of globalized corruption to the core! Of the two and a half years I’ve utilized it, a major exploit has remained unfixed! Because Twitter is to busy putting it’s beak in other peoples affairs behind the scenes.

The Two Exploits I’m referring to are the infinite account hack and the infinite retweet exploit. Google wont be implementing a better system to read Twitter’s Social signals anytime soon. It comes as no surprise the most crucial ranking factor to Google is retweets!





US Support LLC Capiltolizing Off Twitter stupidity!

As a result of Twitter’s negligence, This exploit grants everyone a buffet of social signals and SEO boosts! Which is precisely why DUI convicted imbecile can use IFTTT and spew hatred. despite his failures at content and design!

So when Dorsey asks “Why are we unable to increase our user base?” The reasons are many and very obvious:

  1. Infinite Retweeting spawns fake social signals granting individuals a means to outrank even the most relevant of sites.
  2. Despite Twitter’s obliviousness to the fact usernames and accounts can potentially index in Google, the black hat SEO criminals are hard at it!
  3. API integration is quite an amazing thing, unfortunately it also a thing that can be abused and annoying!
  4. Once a user is infuriated by one of countless reasons, they have absolutely no one to voice their frustration, or gain assistance.

So, the next time I’m browsing Quora and see the question, “Why is nobody engaging my content?” the answer is simple! Because everyone is to busy retweeting themselves,  hoping to increase their blog or website’s domain authority!

So thank god that at Least Facebook isn’t on the dumb shit right? As I recall their policies are not advocates of multitudes of accounts. However it appears this doesn’t pertain to business fan pages! At least their garbage doesn’t leave a shit stain all over Googles search results generally!

US Support LLC CEO Jason Watson, is apparently capitolizing upon this platform fas well. So enjoy show!