Because if you’re a marketer with dreams of endless conversions, the question shouldn’t be can you have multiple twitter accounts. Furthermore the question should be how do I start making as many as possible! Because with the Tireless Twitter Bot, automation is at fingertips, so the more bots, the more potential leads!

The mindset I have when I’m using a social media platform is I’m joyriding a stolen car. Lol seriously though, because the way it works is your using that social platform’s page rank. So it’s up to Twitter which one, possibly two accounts index in Google for the target keyword.
Not every keyword can be targeted through the use of social platforms so be sure to check.

Naturally the best way to check if you can use a twitter account to target a keyword is to search it. Generally, if Google has the potential to make money from Adword bids, social platforms are removes. So if your aim was to make a twitter account named Car insurance, you’re burnt lol!

To make multiple twitter accounts with only one phone and one Gmail is very easy. We will register an account with the SMS API Client. So to do this, call the Twitter’s SMS API at the appropriate shortcode (40404 USA.)


  • Text “START” to the API. Twitter will respond by prompting you to provide your full name. 
  • Give twitter the desired account name you want
  • goto Twitter login page, but use url!/login
  • So we can have multiple twitter accounts  we’ll need to select click the Activate your account

So now when we begin making the next account, how do we use the same phone email? using whats known as the period trick. Because Google’s websites don’t aknowledge the use existence a period in an email address, Google opens an exploit. Just Because Google doesn’t allow emails to be differentiated with a period, other carriers do. Therefore, upon receiving an email inbound it will decipher the recipient minus the decimal. Therefore we can begin using making multiple combinations of accounts with a single email:

Can You Have Multiple Twitter Accounts

NOTE: After I initially wrote the article, I had using the method of dots for multiple account arbitration, However shortly after posting this method, I found a better way. So for infinite possibilities all you need simply to do is ad a plus sign before the at symbol. Entering any alpha and/or numeric input following the plus sign will result in the same thing as above.

Don’t carried away though people, because while automation is a powerful tool, only engagement will maximize conversions! 😂 So while it is true, we want to Get More followers On Twitter,  we also want the right ones! Furthermore, automation is a tool not a replacement, maybe perhaps someday it will succeed in running an entire business, not yet though!

So now that you can make infinite accounts the possibilities are endless. Now you are empowered to quickly take up space in googles search index in niche terms gaining the benefits of an Exact Match Data! So what exactly is a bot army and how can one be made? Here is a nice 1200 word blog I wrote on the subject of creating a Free
“tireless Twitter BotI”. Don’t worry, because I havn’t forgotten about the infinite Email capture tutorial, I promised, it’s coming!

Can you have multiple twitter accounts