Because there’s many wrong ways to Get More Followers On Twitter I’ll start you off right! By no means is this a complete tutorial, so I will certainly cover more aspects in later tutorials.

One of the more common techniques that many API’s and strategies revolve around is the follow tactic. This tactic banks upon following several users and as a result they follow you back. The main reason I personally do not use the follow and unfollow method is primarily because of two reasons.

  • 1) The Maximum daily follow limit allowed varies. Exceeding this limit causes Twitter to lock your account temporarily. As a result, you will lose reach.
  • 2) The quality of followers, and the level of engagement obtained by reciprocating following back is greater. Because many who follow you like your content, and there’s greater social proof benefits. Having users Follow you versus excessively following them, displays social proof. Because following more people than you have for followers, makes you look potentially spammy.

So How Do We Entice Others To Follow Us?

Personally engaging targets within our demo graph and asking questions revolved around their content is ALWAYS an excellent idea. Because you only have so much time in one day, and building rapport effectively can only be done in person! (Good rapport will produce more sales than anything period!) . Furthermore, if we have any expectation of our content being engaged, it’s a great start!

The two free tools we will use utilize to accomplish this are:

Get More Followers On Twitter

Free or Pro Version of Hashtagify

Hashtagify is an excellent tool to utilize for information gathering so we’re able to refine our attack. Because we’re able to identify the leaders of our target hashtags are. Furthermore, this tool provides us with an array of ideas of additional hashtags to tap into.

Once we’ve identified who has the most influence within our target audience, we can proceed to personally engage them. If you’re unsure what to say, open the leader with a question because it will entice a response. Make sure it’s their content because naturally everyone’s favorite subject is themselves!

Tweetdeck! The ultimate Platform To Get More Followers On Twitter

This tool has endless possibilities and because it’s 100{ed0cf9f14c8a4fbc3d5cadd360bbf90ae8da2d407f46527247a34786be8b9e4f} free, we’ll definitely take full advantage! This tool has endless possibilities!

A few of the many useful features it provides:

  • Combine several accounts granting massive retweet power!
  • Schedule Tweets in advance!
  • Watch Tweets incoming to a hashtag in real time!
  • Hone in on very specific keyphrases and subject matter based on several factors!

So we can get gore gollows on Twitter, we’ll utilize the platforms retweet filter. Because every hashtag varies as far as what how high a retweet pile commonly reaches, studying our niche leaders first is crucial. Once you have determined your desired retweet size, proceed retweeting all the content on your target hashtag.

As a result of utilizing my tactic, your campaign will be far more effective than simply following users! Because the quality our new followers will be dramatically higher, and the engagement will be greater! So that you can get a full understanding of how ti implement my strategy, I’ve included a video! Enjoy!