Because simply staying low key isn’t enough, knowing How To Protect Internet Privacy is crucial! So like it or not, your private information is floating on the internet. Furthermore, the more unique your name, the more crucial it is to ensure you protect your online reputation.

General practice in prior decades for anonymity was to simply limit your exposure on the internet. Unfortunately, because we live in the golden age of technology this approach is no longer possible! In fact, individuals who maintain the least amount of internet usage, are the ones most vulnerable!

According to The Atlantic, the average person is caught on camera 75 times a day. That’s startling statistics in concerns to How To Protect Internet Privacy because these pictures and feeds end up online. Unfortunately, as a result of technology 9 major companies gather obscene amounts of information on us.

The Nine Spies

  1. Acxiom
  2. Corelogic
  3. Datalogix
  4. eBureau
  5. ID Analytics
  6. Intelius
  7. PeekYou
  8. Rapleaf
  9. Recorded Future

Because most major companies feed into one of these nine spy networks, it’s a guarantee your index will be littered with sensitive info!

The Good News

Despite all the content and information available on individuals, academic research indicates that 91{6b1d5f8bc91cdb8564ec7e8134afd17ab11911f12092a54c92f604d2527b941c} of searchers do not go past page 1. Furthermore only 50{6b1d5f8bc91cdb8564ec7e8134afd17ab11911f12092a54c92f604d2527b941c} of this total goes beyond the third result.

So clearly, dominating your search results on the first page is the key to transparency! Hence the saying, “The best place to hide a dead body, is page 2 in Google!” 😀 So the first lesson in understanding How To Protect  Internet Privacy, is locating web property to fill the 10 spots on page 1! To secure those first 10 spots in Google, we need high domain authority web properties.

Because many popular social media platforms are the highest in Google’s Alexa ranking, they make using them  ideal.

Each web domain is allowed only 2 allowed spots in any particular key phrase. So, to accomplish our goal of filling the top 10, we will need several platforms and web properties.

how to protect internet privacy

How To Protect Internet Privacy With Web Property Control

So now that we’re on a conquest to dominate page one, executing our plan of attack has become clear! The general principles and science behind this privacy and transparency tactic is called Search Engine Optimization.

What exactly is Search engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization (SEO) are the metrics and guidelines a a web designer follows to obtain ideal top rank search results. Many factors are used to determine proper procedure when structuring and building a website. For more information on SEO, be sure to check out our 2018 Tucson Local SEO Guide.

Our strategy for How To Protect Internet Privacy is offensive, not defensive in the least! This strategy is known as Fortification Using Web Property Hoarding. Be sure all your property names and social profiles match  your name as closely as possible to your first and last name.

My experience  with Social Media platforms consistently finds Twitter and youtube at the front ! You can make up to 2 of them for Google indexing purposes. Youtube is also a platform quick, however has a tendency to fluctuate it’s placement.

The second social platform to rank highly in search results is Linkedin. Be sure to use a custom url with your first and last name just as the other social profiles. So it might be a good idea to touch up on the best Twitter Profile SEO Practices.

Purchase DNS With Your First & Last Name For You & Your Family

How To Protect Internet Privacy - Exact Match Data

Because Despite what any expert chooses to believe, EMD (Exact Match Data/Domain) is a big SEO advantage! What this means is if a rival/stalker gets ahold of the domain name, you could be impacted negatively as a result.

Because even if you don’t intend to make a domain, just the fact you own it prevents others from doing so. However, I strongly suggest you make a simple blog, or family photo album. Because I would hate for anyone to be harassed by someone with their domain like I have been the last Two years. Having all your social profiles point back to it and gaining other potential backlinks, it will become strong and fortify at the top as a result! Because  millions of Americans are extorted by Mugshot publishers, I donate my efforts to assist in Free Mugshot Removal

So now when you hear someone say “I just wont use social media” or, “I never use the computer” You know better! Because if there is going to be content floating on the internet about YOU, you should be the one to write it!