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The Story Behind Tucson Web Designer Sean Gugerty

Because everyone has a story about how they came to find their passion in life, this stories about Tucson Web Designer Sean Gugerty. Tucson’s a friendly and diverse community, through which networking has made me many life long friends throughout Pima county. As a result  I’ve been privileged to work with a variety of individuals and businesses. Because of my experience with a diverse client base, I have learned how to develop in a manner that tailors to individual needs!


Furthermore, not only am I focused upon ensuring my clients are satisfied with their webpage, I ensure Google is happy! Because you can have one of the best designed domains on the web, but it’s useless if never seen! I take great pride in my work as a Web designer. Servicing Arizona and the Tucson area’s local businesses for over 3 years!

Bored as heck one day, Sean Gugerty decided to take a cruise in his Dodge Charger to visit Saguaro National Park. It was a nice day outside so he pulled over for the view and a quick puff of vape juice. 12mg Nuclear Fireball from John Vesey’s The E-cig store. This story is a happy ending for sean because it’s his favorite!

Ask Anyone About Web Designer Sean Gugerty

Because if you ask anyone that knows me my story, what you’ll get is he’s a “computer nerd!” Furthermore, I have a passion for teaching computers, and have an active Youtube channel.

Although my passion originates from my early years I wasn’t so fortunate until recently to be within the  industry of web design. During my employment within my former company, Citibank became quickly aware of my computer skills.

Quite often their systems would go down and the schedule of their IT department was rather splendid (For the Technicians anyways lol!😂)! I  was basically the go to guy to fix any issues they had when the IT team wasn’t around.

During the recession, my company laid off 500 employees, I was one of them. Nobodies life story is perfect we all make mistakes. My mistake was yielding to the temptation of selling drugs. I’m not going to tell you a story, that it wasn’t a lot of fun, because it was! As a consequence of my poor choice, I ended up doing some prison time.

I learned so much valuable information and experienced some uniquely different outlooks upon life.  Despite it being a mistake I am glad to have gone through the experience, while some of it was hard, I’m a better person.

“Sean doesn’t just love computer’s Sean is a computer! His right arm is a Macbook Pro!”
– Gabrielle Elizibeth
OMG Sean Do you ever put that computer down?
-Lenrissa Spicer

About Tucson Web Designer Sean Gugerty

So What If You Could Do It Over Again?

 I honestly believe I would have never had the courage to take a risk and do something I love had I not. Even during that time, my passion for computers never died.So I learned many things about network security and penetration testing in my black market days.

I am very thankful for my families support  and encouragement. Because they helped show me the importance of chasing my hopes and dreams. I remember after two years into this trade when I was still struggling to make ends meet ready to quit. “Sean don’t get discouraged, you may not know this but the Mona Lisa took five long years to complete”. Almost shed a tear because of her words of her encouragement, and I’m not about that mushy stuff lol!

Thanks to all my friends and families support I was able to learn computers to the ability I have today as a full stack developer. Furthermore, I couldn’t have accomplished greatness without them! Whatever your dreams and aspirations are in life, chase them! Because you only live once! Never lose hope, and never stop believing in yourself!

Tucson Web Designer All About The Full Stack

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