Lets Be Real…


The title is definitely wishful thinking because I promise learning WordPress will take more than a week! I say this not to discredit Zak, my man wrote a solid book, and it has quite a few great tips!

In addition to this awesome book, signing up to my newsletter is a major beneift. As a result of subscribing I will plug you in with quite a bit of valuable knowledge! If you’re looking to getting a website off the ground with literally nothing out of pocket, You’ve come to the right place!

Free usualy sucks!

I’ll be honest, because my experience with free domains has been it’s always a sub domain and just lame!

But Sean’s Newlestter articles are funny and explained everything in depth. I really only use my website as a place to store pictures, so free was the perfect price for me!

Sherilyn Horvatich

Restaurant Management, On The Border Bar and Grill

Although I ended up paying for my domain name initially, because of Seans tutorials I saved tons! I find it rediculous how much money I have paid in the past as a result of needing a website!

With Sean’s frugal yet insightful newsletter, the site literally is ended up costing the price of the domain registrar! Which in the case of my Portfolio site, I think was $1.17 with tax lol!


Dan Thomas

Founder, Pleasant Creek Cove