I found it hard to narrow it down, because there’s way more than 3 Reasons Font Awesome Rocks!

Furthermore, What’s really kick ass is that Font Awesome employee Rob Madole just anounced 5.0.10 five days ago and there is so many changes! 



What is Font Awesome?

So If you were born under a rock you’d ask, “What is Font Awesome?” Font awesome, the beginning of the answer, IT’S A FONT! 🤣😋 Naturally the icons include social media logos, furthermore they include web U/i and much more!

Because it is considered a font, font awesome icons are very browser friendly. What makes them so useful is the endless possibilities when it comes to styling them! Changing the size to icons is so much easier comared to images!

1x 2x 3x

In addition to changing the size from 1-10x size, you can also change them to any color you want with hex codes! Because of these customization capabilities, icons are even more interchangeable and versatile!

Red Blue Yellow

You can even liven icons up by literally making them move with the spin feature! Because only GIF images can move, this gives icons even more of an edge!

#2 Domains With Icons Have Longer Visit Durations!

Studies have proven, domains utilizing icons have visitors that stay longer than domains that do not. The major benefit when a visitor stays at a website longer, is a better click through rate.

Summarized , if your domain has visitors that stay at your website longer, you’ll rank higher in search results. Additionally you’ll earn more keywords and more traffic! Because pleasing Google is a smart move!

And now the most important benifit for anyone in the ecommerce world *drumroll*.

3 Reasons Font Awesome Rocks

#3 More Money In Your Pocket!

Hands down, and with all numbers aside sites with Iconsperform better in terms of monetization. This naturally makes perfect sense because of the prior two benifits!

Visitors that are more engaged, and stay longer, end up buying more stuff! What a concept! So you’re sold on aquiring these precious Icons after hearing these 3 Reasons Font Awesome Rocks? The I suppose the question naturally becomes how do you go about getting them? I thought you would never ask!

The first option available is to utilize the CDN which seems to work for all the themes I’ve tried so far. However, because of a complication with MIME Type (Text/HTML) Elegant Themes had difficulty without modifying this with a PHP filter. For documentation on installing Font Awesome locally, see original documentation.

Font Awesome CDN Snippet

<script> defer src="https://use.fontawesome.com/releases/v5.0.10/js/all.js" integrity="sha384-slN8GvtUJGnv6ca26v8EzVaR9DC58QEwsIk9q1QXdCU8Yu8ck/tL/5szYlBbqmS+" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>