Because over half your site most likely consists of images, to Speed Up WordPress PNGs Must Die! 😈 I’m so cereal people for real! Because the last thing you want to be is an idiot like me lol! When I first started

Dropship Stripper Shoes Epic Fail!

After torturing myself by optimizing a theme I wasted money on that was horrible, my buddy John Vesey asks, “What’s your load time?” Because I was on super fast high speed cable modem, I hadn’t noticed my load time was over 12 seconds! So apparently learning all of the onsite SEO necessary to please Google’s indexing wasn’t enough!

Now I had to learn how to minimize page size tota and load times, John said the number to shoot for was under 2 seconds. So the first thing I did was goto Google PageSpeed Insights and then to Pingdom tools to get an analysis. So  considering I had learn a ton of things like minimizing CSS and JS, and Sub domaining, I had a workload!

Speed Up WordPress PNGs Must Die - Half a website is ususally images

Days of work went towards optimizing every single thing Google and Pingdom suggested. After going to the moon and back my website was still loading in at 6 fucking seconds AHHH!!! I had literally done everythng I saw on the first 15 wordpress videos. So many stupid tweaks and corner cutting even things that were most likely not even necessary and just excessive!

I made this article because it is quite possible you are doing the same stupid oversight I was! After searching high and low for some non existent miracle plugin I had done everything Google and Pingdom had said!

So now it was coming down to throwing things off of a sinking ship, and things were getting cut fast! Turns out there were two heavy things burdening my load time. The first, and to this day I’m an advocate of this foundated practice, minimize your plugins! Bottom line if you can do something with a snippet of code and lose a plugin as a result, FUCKING DO IT MAN! Because that plugin you keep better provide you multiple reasons to keep it around, not laziness and liability!

Then after chopping away 15 plugins I truly didn’t need, poking and proding at the top heavy slider it hit me! In order to Speed Up WordPress PNGs Must Die!

Speed Up WordPress PNGs Must Die - I'll Take The The Jpeg Thanks

While it’s true, images are a crucial part of content, so is it loading fast. I discovered today what I discovered almost 2 years ago, and ever so much quicker. As you can see both of these images look exactly the same, however as a result of being a png, one is 1.4 megabytes! So a couple images of being a png vs jpg/jpeg, could make your site a sinking vessal rather a naval beauty ranking and converting!

In the marketing and SEO game your money site is the king piece so repeaat after me! In order for us to “Speed Up WordPress PNGs Must Die!” So Aside your site’s icon and 1-2 other spots on the entire page, to the sword sir knight! 😂 Don’t worry I’ll be covering several other aspects of speed and optimization in coming weeks, we’ll cover all the bases! So be sure to learn with me, the White Trash Web Developer on the poor man’s budget!